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62-year-old Iraqi man can play with his grandson after a Spinal Treatment in India

For Tahsin, life has been about his responsibilities towards his family. He is a hard-working Iraqi man who has worked all his life to give his family everything they deserve. He has three children and a loving family. Just when he thought of enjoying the rest of his life relaxing and playing with his grandchildren, his health took a toll on him.

When Tahsin turned 57, he suffered from severe back pain. He could not sit or walk properly. His pain restricted him from even performing his daily routine. Being active his whole life, he had to depend on others to do basic activities. His son took him to the local doctors for a consultation. Due to the lack of a specialized Neurosurgery facility in Iraq, Tahsin was given pain medications. The local doctor advised him that he would need spinal surgery to repair the damage in his spine.

Tahsin was on medications and also reached out to physiotherapists to help him. But Tahsin has been struggling for 5 years and could not find a solution for his painful condition. He can’t walk without support and becomes partially bedridden. His son was leaving no stone unturned to make his father live his rest of his life pain-free.

Support by the MedX Health Assistance

Tahsin’s son wanted a world-class treatment for his father, so he explored the option of medical tourism. He got to know about it through one of his friends who visited India a few months back to get treated. Tahsin contacted MedX Health assistance. The MedX team assured him of the best possible care. Tahsin was connected with a renowned Neurosurgeon from India. After a preliminary teleconsultation and medical reports sharing, Dr. Sanjiv Kumar at Max Hospital, New Delhi, advised Tahsin to visit India for treatment. 

After a detailed discussion, Tahsin decided to travel to India. The MedX team arranged all the travel requirements for him, from the Medical Visa, tickets, accommodation in India, airport pick-ups, language translator, a local sim card, and so on.

The Treatment Plan in India

On his arrival to India, Tahsin was picked from the New Delhi airport by the conveyance arranged by the MedX. Tahsin was immediately admitted to the Neurosurgery at Max Hospital. An expert team of Neurosurgeons headed by Dr. Sanjiv Kumar planned his course of treatment. After admission, a thorough physical examination and a series of investigations such as an MRI scan were done.

The MRI scan gave the diagnosis as C3-4, C5-6 Cervical Pivd With Dorsal D11-12 PIVD with Cord Compression with Radiculopathy. Radiculopathy is a condition in the nerve where the spine gets compressed leading to pain and tingling condition. Prolapsed, herniated, or extruded intervertebral disc (PIVD)is a spinal condition that can be treated by surgery to resect the decompressed nerve. 

Tahsin underwent a laminectomy surgery of the cervical spine. In this surgery, the nerves which were compressing the spine were decompressed.




After the major neurosurgery, Tahsin was kept in the ICU for close monitoring. The post-operative was uneventful and Tahsin responded well to the surgery. Once his vitals stabilized, Tahsin was shifted to the hospital room. Tahsin had no complaints of pain like before except little discomfort due to the surgery. He was on pain medications. He slowly was regaining his strength. His all four limbs had normal movement. He was conscious and responding to the instructions. Tahsin was symptomatically better and in a much better shape than the pre-operative period. He was smiling and was thankful to the doctors. After a close monitoring post, the surgery, Tahsin was planned to be discharged from the hospital with detailed follow-up care.


Life after the treatment

Tahsin had shown remarkable improvements. He started walking slowly with the help of support. He did not have complaints of pain and felt better. He said, “I feel like I have got a new life. After struggling for about 5 years, I thought my life would always be in pain. But I feel blessed today. I am thankful to the expert Neurosurgeons in India and the MedX team without a whim all this was not possible. I think I took the best decision of my life to travel to India for treatment. Everything was so smooth and hassle-free. I have regained my confidence and can’t wait to go back to my country and spend the rest of my life with my family. Especially I am looking forward to playing with my grandson.”


Tahsin will recover soon depending on the post-operative care. The MedX team has coordinated a regular follow-up for him at the local hospital in Iraq. He has to use a walker for the initial days and soon he will be walking without any external support.


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