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2 Yeal Old Afghan Kid With A Hole In His Heart Gets Treated In India

Owais Hamid’s story

2-year-old Owais is the source of happiness for his family, a bundle of joy for his parents. He is a chirpy kid with a bright smile that could uplift anybody’s mood. He loves to play with his siblings but in the last three-four months, they observed a decline in his energy and he would take naps more often. He used to cry a lot and his lips would become bluish when he cried. He had persistent complaints of cough and cold along with recurring episodes of vomiting.

His parents took him to a local doctor for consultation and he was given medication for a chest infection. But seeing the other symptoms like bluish discoloration around his lips and improper growth, the doctor recommended further investigations like ECG. Upon investigation, it was diagnosed that Owais was born with a congenital heart defect – Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). A ventricular septal defect (VSD) is a hole between the right and left pumping chambers of the heart. Ventricular septal defects are among the most common congenital heart defects and are probably one of the major reasons for infants to see a cardiologist.

Owais was not gaining weight, his condition was deteriorating and his parent’s concerns were increasing day by day. His parents would worry whether their child will survive and grow normally like other kids of his age. It was recommended by their doctor that Owais would need heart surgery to repair the hole in his heart. But because of the lack of a super-specialty pediatric cardiac care facility in their country, his parents were helpless and were losing hope.

Support by MedX 

Amidst the poor health condition of Owais and hopelessness, a ray of hope came to their life when they came to know about the MedX health assistance. A local doctor recommended them about MedX and that Owais has a chance to get the proper treatment he needs.  When they reached out to MedX they received a prompt response from them. Owais’s case was referred to a renowned Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Rajat Kumar at Fortis Hospital, Mohali in India. Dr. Rajat advised Owais’s parents to come to India and get his surgery done under the expert team of cardiac surgeons. MedX team arranged for all the requirements for their hassle-free travel to India. They helped Owais and his parents with a medical visa, their arrival at the airport to transfer to the hospital, and further accommodation requirements. Owais’s mother said, “everything was happening fast and we felt blessed to have come across MedX, they assured us that our child will get the best treatment possible. We are thankful for their immense support.”

The treatment plan in India

Owais After Surgery
Owais After Surgery

Upon their arrival to India, Owais was admitted to the pediatric cardiac unit where all the necessary investigations were initiated. He underwent an echocardiogram and an electrocardiogram to understand the anatomy of his heart along with a thorough physical examination. Owais was made comfortable in a child-friendly environment at the hospital so that he responds well to the treatment. After all the investigations were over, he was shifted to the surgical ICU. The expert team of cardiac surgeons under Dr. T.S. Mahant planned his surgery 2 days after his admission. Owais underwent VSD closure (Dacron patch) and larger perimembranous ASD (left to right shunt). VSD closure is a surgical procedure to close a large hole in the heart that possesses a risk of congestive heart failure.



After such a complex surgery, Owais was kept in the ICU under ventilator support for observation and monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and breathing. He responded well to the treatment and was shifted to the pediatric ward after two days. His condition improved remarkably, his chest wound remained healthy and showed signs of healing. It was an emotional ride for his parents, they were finally happy to know that now Owais will become healthy soon. His mother said, “I have regained my lost hope, seeing my little child going through so much pain at such a tender age was unbearable for me. But now we are happy to know all is fixed and our little boy is going to get back to the playground soon. We are very much satisfied with the level of care my son was given starting from our travel to India and the whole treatment procedure.” Owais was able to get up after a few days of the surgery and he was all smiling. He underwent ECG and echocardiogram to check for his condition post-surgery. His sutures were removed after one week of the surgery and he was given chest physiotherapy. After about 25 days of treatment and procedure, Owais was discharged from the hospital.

Life after the treatment

Owais was slowly getting back to his pace. Dr. Mahant explained to his parents about all the post-operative care and instructions they have to take. The post-surgery period is very critical in such cases and proper precautions help the wound to heal in time. After a prolonged stay at the hospital, Owais was finally ready to get back to his home and play with his siblings again. There are no restrictions on his activities, he can play like other children except that he should avoid activities that might result in blows to his chest. He was given SOS medications and after-care instructions on how to keep his surgery area infection-free. It was advised that his wounds be cleaned with soap and water, and he should not sleep on his sides. He is advised to visit his primary cardiologist for a regular check-up in Afghanistan.

Owais has a full life ahead of him and he will recover in no time. Sharing about their experience in India Owais’s parents said, “we are immensely thankful to the MedX team and all the hospital staff who guided and supported us in the most critical part of our child’s life. Owais has got a second chance at life and we would recommend the MedX services to the other people in our country.”


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