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A 4-Year-Old kid from Iraq got his bounce back after a complex neck tumor surgery

Cute little boy Yousif, a citizen of Iraq, was normal at birth and soon became his parents’ lifeline. He is an active kid and loves to play outdoor games. His growth was average, and he used to be very talkative, keeping his family always entertained with his little mischiefs. But as they say, life has its plans. At the age of 3, Yousif started getting sick, and he would cry a lot. Slowly and gradually, he was unable to open his mouth, and, in a few days, he had a severe lockjaw.

His parents took him to the local doctors, but nobody could diagnose his condition’s root cause. Doctors would tell that he might have inflamed tonsils or some other mouth infection. He was given antibiotic syrups. But there was no improvement, and he was unable to open his mouth at all. He could not eat properly and was only able to take liquids. His parents were very much concerned and were disheartened to see their son in such a bad state of health. There was a time when their whole house would echo with Yousif’s playful activities, but now there is silence. Yousif needed an urgent diagnostic solution to his condition and proper treatment at a specialized medical facility. 

Due to the lack of medical facilities in Iraq, the local doctors could not find a solution to Yousif’s problem as there was no sign of any swelling or external inflammation. It was advised to Yousif’s parents to consult a head and neck specialist.

Support by the MedX Health Assistance

Because of not feeding correctly and so much discomfort, Yousif was becoming weak and could not sleep properly. Yousif’s parents reached out to the MedX health assistance on a friend’s recommendation. They were told there might be a chance to go to some other country and get Yousif treated. The MedX team took Yousif’s case as a priority. They were connected with a Head and Neck specialist, Dr. Anil Kansal, from India over a video consultation. Looking at Yousif’s condition and physical appearance, the doctor said that it seems like a case of a tumor in his neck. It was advised that they visit India and give their kid a chance to receive the urgent treatment he needs.

Yousif’s mother said, “I never thought that my child would have to suffer from such a condition. I have a lot of expectations while going to India that Yousif will be better soon. I am thankful to the MedX team for providing us with this opportunity. They have created new hope for us.” The MedX team supported Yousif and his parents with all the travel requirements, medical Visa, and accommodation. Yousif’s pre-admission procedure was already completed to initiate his treatment as soon as they arrive in India. 

The Treatment Plan in India  

After they arrived in India, Yousif was admitted to the pediatric ward at the BLK super specialty hospital, Delhi. He was under the supervision of Dr. Anil Kansal, who is an expert Head and Neck Oncologist. A team of doctors did an extensive physical examination of Yousif, and he underwent a few necessary diagnostic tests. The biological study revealed that Yousif had grade 4 Trismus or a severe lockjaw. CT neck and the MRI investigations showed the presence of a soft tissue mass or a rare type of tumor in Yousif’s mandible or lower jaw. That tissue mass was causing erosion and destruction in his lower jaw.

The tumor’s position showed that it was attached to the pterygoid plates of the sphenoid bone (part of the neck bone or Parapharyngeal space). It was decided that Yousif will undergo complicated surgery to remove the soft tissue mass and repair his defective bone will be grafted with the help of plastic surgery. Surgery performed on Yousif was: Parapharyngeal space excision with neck mass excision complex, partial mandibulectomy, reconstruction with a rib graft, and tracheostomy. Since his lower jaw was partially destroyed because of the tumor, that is why it was partially removed and reconstructed. Tracheostomy is a surgical procedure that involves creating an opening in the neck to place a tube into a person’s windpipe. The tube is inserted through a cut in the neck below the vocal cords. This allows air to enter the lungs.


Yousif was shifted to the pediatric ICU after the surgery for observation. He responded well to the treatment. After 4 days of the surgery, the tracheostomy tube was decannulated. Yousif was able to open his mouth a bit, and there was a little movement in his lower jaw. He was shifted to the pediatric ward; he was kept in a children-friendly environment. Yousif was on a liquid diet for a few more days. His mother said, “We feel as if our happiness has returned. The level of care and treatment my child has received is more than what I expected. I hope Yousif will soon recover and lead a normal life like other children of his age. We are thankful to the MedX team for their good coordination and support to make this entire medical visit a success.”

Yousif was examined post-operatively, and his graft placement was well adjusted in his mandible. He was on medical management to make his wounds heal fast. There were regular visits by the ENT and Plastic surgery specialists. After 5 days of his surgery, Yousif was planned to be discharged.

Life After The Treatment

There was a remarkable improvement in Yousif’s condition. Yousif got his lost smile back. He would try to speak and express his happiness. After months of discomfort, he finally got his bounce back! He was discharged, and doctors explained to his parents about the post-operative care they have to take along with the medication instructions. It was advised for him to consult the doctors for any specific complaints like fever and contact the MedX team in case of any urgency.

After a few months of the surgery, Yousif was all healthy and was back with his playful activities. He started school as well, and he wants to become a doctor when he grows up!


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