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A 48-year-old man from Iraq gets treated in India after a tragic gun-shot injury

Story of Mohammad Jaaz

Mohammad Jaaz, a doting father and a responsible husband whose main priority is to earn a basic livelihood for his family. He was living happily even though the situation in his country Iraq is always unpredictable. Everything was going normal in his life until one day when his world turned topsy turvy as he became a victim of gun-shot injury on his face. 

The accident was very tragic and it was only a miracle that he came out alive. Just after the injury, he was taken to the local emergency where it was diagnosed that his both upper jaw (maxilla) and lower jaw (mandible) have been fractured. Also, he had lost teeth in the area of the fracture. He was managed on medicine in Baghdad for 5 days and was shifted to Iran for the fixation of the fractures through a procedure called Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) to repair the broken bones. His injury was so fatal and deep that his mouth was deformed, after 4 months of the ORIF he was being treated for repairing the damaged palate (roof of his mouth) which was closed by a flap. 

It was 9 months since the accident but Jaaz was not showing much improvement, the procedures did not heal his wounds, he was unable to eat and talk properly, and had unbearable non-stop pain all the time. His family was losing hope and was unable to see him in so much pain. They were not happy with the local medical facilities and even the doctors there advised them to get Jaaz treated at a super specialty with advanced technologies and plastic surgery center of excellence.

Support by MedX 

After consulting at many local hospitals and doctors, Mohammad Jaaz was not getting the solution to his condition, he felt that he has to pass the rest of his life in pain and sadness only. He was worried that in his condition how he will carry on with his responsibilities and will he ever get to lead a normal life, until one day when a local doctor explained to him about the medical tourism possibilities and he came to know about MedX health assistance. He immediately reached out to MedX and his worries started fading when he was told that MedX will help him getting treated at a better place. MedX team assured Jaaz of super-specialty treatment and that he can get back to his normal life soon. 

After completing the formalities related to Medical Visa and travel requirements with the help of MedX, Jaaz was referred to a renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mandeep Singh in Paras Hospital, Gurgaon, India. His wife accompanied him to India and they were satisfied with the assistance provided by MedX, she says, “there was a time when we were helpless and dint know where to go, but as they say, god never leaves in your bad time which is why we got to know of MedX we are happy with the support they have provided us from our travel to India, accommodation and now my husband’s admission to a super specialty hospital for his treatment. I am very much looking forward to seeing my husband become healthy and normal again.”

The treatment plan in India

When Jaaz reached Paras hospital, he was in a lot of pain and discomfort, he was admitted under Dr. Mandeep Singh and his expert team. He was evaluated thoroughly and underwent all-important investigation procedures to get a complete glimpse of his injury and fractures.

After the results of the diagnostic investigations came, doctors planned his course of treatment, and his surgery was also planned. He underwent Intermaxillary fixation, mandibular reconstruction with an implant, and Non-Vascularized Bone Graft (NVBG) along with left maxillary implant removal. Intermaxillary fixation (IMF) is conventionally used for the treatment of fractures involving maxillomandibular complex both for closed reduction and as an adjuvant to open reduction. All high-end techniques were used to fix broken bones and reconstruct the jaws and palate of Jaaz. 


Post-operatively Mohammad Jaaz had no complications, he showed good progress. He was managed on medications and he was slowly picking up his pace. Now, he could speak a little too and started on a soft diet. Most important thing was that his pain has reduced a lot, he could sleep peacefully. He was stable after the surgery and was shifted to his room where he was admitted for 4 days for observation and was finally discharged with all the necessary instructions and post-operative care plans. He was advised to keep washing his mouth with betadine thrice daily. The surgery around the mouth is very delicate and requires a lot of care and precautions to avoid infections that is why Jaaz and his wife were explained about all the necessary steps they have to take to ensure proper healing of the sutures and wounds. He was also given SOS medications for pain. 

Jaaz after surgery

MedX arranged his accommodation in the vicinity of the hospital so it was easy for him to meet the doctor for follow-up consultations.

Life after the treatment

Mohammad Jaaz responded well to the surgery and was satisfied with the support given to him by the hospital and MedX health assistance. His wife seemed relaxed and she says, “I feel I am smiling after almost a year, I have no words how to thank the MedX team who have given us our lost hope back, today, when I look at my husband, I feel that soon he will be perfectly fine and will lead a normal life. His unbearable phase of pain has come to an end and now we can go happily back to our home.” Jaaz looks much better than what his condition was when he reached India, he has a soft smile on his face, and he thanks the MedX team, Dr. Mandeep Singh, and finally god for giving him another chance to live life normally. MedX health assistance also arranged for him and his wife a recreational trip in India to make their visit end on a positive note. 


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