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A Nigerian Man Got Back His Voice After Successful Treatment of Multiple Laryngeal Papilloma

Story of Francis

Francis, a 38-year-old man from Nigeria has been suffering from a prolonged illness. For the last few years, he had difficulty breathing and was unable to speak properly. He was in a lot of discomfort. He always had restlessness and felt uneasy. He lives with his family and everyone was concerned about his deteriorating health. Initially, he thought he might have some cold or cough so he took antibiotics.

When the condition became unbearable, he consulted the local doctors. The doctors examined him and he underwent a few investigations. It was diagnosed that he has been infected by the Human Papilloma Virus. Because of the viral infection, there were few abnormal growths or cysts developed around his larynx or vocal cords. These cysts were growing and were recurring. He was recommended to undergo surgery to remove those abnormal growths. His symptoms were aggravating each day, he always had a sensation as if some foreign body was stuck in his neck. So, he decided to undergo surgery at the local hospital in Nigeria.

After the surgery, there was no improvement in his condition as the papillomas would recur in a few months. He had difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath, and was slowly losing his voice. On the advice of local doctors, Francis underwent surgery 2 more times for the removal of cysts. 

After several episodes of surgery, medications, and prolonged illness there was no sign of recovery for Francis. He and his family were losing hope that he would ever be healthy again. His doctor said if left untreated, papillomas can eventually compromise the airways, resulting in life-threatening breathing difficulties. If it spreads to the lungs, affected individuals can potentially experience recurrent pneumonia, chronic lung disease, and, ultimately, progressive lung failure. In rare cases, papillomas can become cancerous too.

It was high time that Francis needed urgent help from a specialist healthcare facility and oncologist. His hoarseness increased badly and he was unable to speak.

Support by the MedX Health Assistance

For the last one year, Francis’s condition was very bad. He was on medications, he couldn’t eat, speak, or even breathe properly. He came across the MedX health assistance and shared all his reports with them. The MedX team connected Francis with an expert Head and Neck Oncologist Dr. Biswajit from Artemis hospital, Gurgaon, India. After teleconsultation, it was decided that Francis will travel to India for further treatment and evaluation. 

The MedX team arranged all the travel requirements, medical Visa for Francis. His brother accompanied him who said, “I can’t see Francis in so much pain, he has been a source of happiness for us. After going through much we want his struggle to end soon. I have full belief in Indian medical institutions and the support the MedX team is providing us.”

The Treatment Plan In India

Francis and his brother arrived in India. His brother was provided accommodation in the vicinity of the hospital. Francis was admitted to the Artemis hospital under Head and Neck surgery and Oncologist Dr. Biswajit and his team. Francis underwent high-end diagnostic imaging procedures and a thorough examination. He underwent a Flexible Optic Laryngoscopy which showed that Francis had multiple papillomas in the glottis.

Based on the investigation results and physical examination, Francis underwent a “Multiple Micro laryngeal” surgery under general anesthesia. Micro laryngeal surgery is a minimally invasive procedure used to remove abnormal growths, such as granulomas or benign cysts, in the larynx.

Francis was kept in an aseptic condition as per the WHO guidelines. The laryngoscope was applied during the surgery which located multiple, small papillomatous growth in the left side of the vocal cord. A Microbrider was used to clear all the papilloma and a few punch biopsies were taken which were sent for histopathological evaluation.


The post-operative period was uneventful. Francis responded well to the surgery and he was stable. He was kept in the ICU for a day for observation. He was given instructions to not talk or even whisper for a week so that the vocal cords can be healed properly. Francis was on a liquid diet and was given medicines to cope up with post-operative nausea or discomfort. His throat was a little swollen and which will subside after 2-5 days of the surgery.

His tests were done after the surgery to evaluate the status of his vocal cords. There were signs of improvement and it was decided that Francis will be discharged. Although he was asked to stay in the nearby accommodation arranged by the MedX near the hospital. He was supposed to come follow-up after a week of the discharge. He was given proper instructions and precautionary measures at the time of the discharge.

Life After The Treatment

Francis has shown remarkable improvement. He has now shifted to a soft diet. Post-operative test results were satisfying and that his papillomas will not recur or if they recur, they will be controlled without any growth. Francis can breathe now without any difficulty. He was told to slowly start with speaking and depend on writing until the vocal cords are completely healed. He should avoid alcohol consumption or smoking tobacco. His throat swelling has gone down and after the follow-up, the doctors said that Francis can fly back to Nigeria to his family.

Francis is all smiling and with his little communication, he said “I am happy and feel like alive again. I can swallow food, breath, and above all, in a few days, I will be able to speak again. I am just waiting to go back to my country and meet my family. We are thankful for the level of care and support the MedX team along with all the medical staff in India has given to me. I don’t have enough words to thank them. I hope now I will recover; I will take all the precautions so that my vocal cords are healed in time.”

Today, Francis is doing well. He has no signs of new papilloma growth. He has joined back to work and is looking forward to living the rest of his life normally. Hopefully, he won’t need any more surgeries, and if at all he needs any medical support the MedX team is always ready to help him with the best possible care. 


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