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An Ethiopian Woman is Back on Her Feet After a Successful Hip Replacement Surgery in India

For 40-year-old Beirut Nuru, a resident of Ethiopia, life was always about being active and moving. She is an avid reader, a travel enthusiast, and a fitness freak. She loves to exercise, do cycling, swimming, or play different sports. Until one day, when she was 36-year-old, she started to experience some pain in her right hip. She kept on working through it, but the pain became severe in a few days. Beirut tried various medications and analgesics for pain relief. But it was not helping her much. She underwent physiotherapy as well.

Despite trying different treatment options, Beirut was in a lot of pain, and she had difficulty walking. It was almost 2 years that she was unable to walk and slowly became dependent on her husband to perform daily routine activities as well. After consulting at the local hospital, it was diagnosed that she had severe Osteoarthritis in her right hip.

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint at the juncture of the leg and pelvis. It connects the upper body with the lower and helps in normal movement. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joints disease in which the cartilage that covers the ends of the bones and helps in joints movement gets damaged.

The local doctors in Ethiopia advised Beirut to undergo hip replacement surgery. Because of the lack of specialized advanced orthopedics and joints treatment facilities in Ethiopia, Beirut was losing hope that she might never be able to walk again. She missed her exercise regime and was disheartened.

Sharing her initial thoughts, Beirut said, “I kept denying it. I thought that I was too young to have a hip replacement. From changing the type of shoes, I wore to physiotherapy, the pain wouldn’t go away. I felt it was high time that my body had some surgical intervention.”

Support by the MedX Health Assistance

Beirut’s husband did not lose hope and left no stone unturned to provide the best treatment to his wife. In his research, he came across the possibility of a medical tourism facility. He contacted the MedX health assistance team. The MedX team helped his wife with a teleconsultation with a renowned Orthopedic surgeon from New Delhi, India. Her medical reports were also shared. The doctor advised Beirut to visit India for an advanced orthopedics treatment. 

The MedX team organized their travel and other requirements to visit India. Beirut was accompanied by her husband, who said, “Initially, I had my inhibitions to travel amidst the pandemic. But the doctors from India and the MedX team assured us of the best possible care, following all the medical guidelines. I trust them and believe that my wife will soon become active like before. I can’t see her in so much pain.”

The treatment plan in India

On their arrival to India, Beirut was admitted to the Orthopedics ward at Max Hospital, Shalimar bagh, New Delhi. Her treatment plan was discussed and made by a group of Orthopedic surgeons. She underwent a series of physical examinations and investigations. She underwent a CT scan to check the level of her Osteoarthritis.

Finally, after discussing the benefits and risks of surgery, Beirut agreed to undergo a total (right) hip replacement.

During the hip replacement surgery, an incision is made in the damaged hip area. The surgeon removes the damaged parts and replaces them with an implant. Beirut opted for an uncemented implant that was made of metal. A hip implant consists of a stem that goes into the thighbone (femur), the head joint (ball) that fits into the stem and a cup that is inserted into the socket of the hip joint. An uncemented prosthesis attaches to the bone with a porous surface. The incision was closed by surgical staples and dressing was done.


A hip replacement surgery is major surgery and requires hospitalization of 3-4 days post-surgery. Beirut’s surgery went well. She was kept in the ICU for close monitoring for a day. She responded well and the postoperative period was uneventful. Her hemoglobin level was low for which one round of blood transfusion was done. After close monitoring, when her vitals were stable, Beirut was shifted to the hospital room. A thorough physiotherapy and pain management was started. 

In the beginning, the physiotherapist helped her how to sit in the bed and slowly start light exercises. She started walking with the help of a walker after a day of the surgery. She was given pain medications but otherwise, she had no complaints like before. 

She was showing the desired improvement and her new joint was working well. After about 10 days of the hospitalization, finally Beirut was planned to be discharged. She was given a detailed exercise plan to follow post-discharge. 

Life after the treatment

Beirut was discharged from the hospital. She was shifted to accommodation organized by the MedX team, near the hospital for follow-up care and exercise regime. She was asked to continue the exercise under expert guidance until she regains the muscle strength and range of motion. She was given post-operative instructions that included not squatting or sitting cross-legged, ambulate with a walker frame for 3 weeks then stick for 4 weeks, not sit on the floor, and low chair and bed. She had to visit the hospital for stitch removal after 18 days of the surgery.

Beirut was in much better shape now and she expressed her gratitude saying, “I am very thankful to the expert team of Indian Orthopedic surgeons and the MedX team. They have given back my lost confidence. I don’t have pain now. After a struggle of 4 years and so much pain, now I look forward to spending the rest of my life pain-free. I will continue my exercise and follow all the advice given by the doctors to recover fast. I am happy and can’t wait to go back to my home in Ethiopia. Everything was so well managed to keep in mind the pandemic situation. I will always recommend to the people suffering from any medical issues in my country to take help from the MedX team”.

Amidst the pandemic, the MedX health assistance followed proper COVID-19 guidelines and promised Beirut the best possible care for her.


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