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An Iraqi Man Gets a lifesaving Neurosurgery Treatment in India, Amidst The Pandemic

For a 58-year-old man, Mohammad Jawad, life took an unpredictable turn when two years ago he was admitted to a local hospital in Iraq. He is a loving husband and a doting father of three children. He followed a healthy lifestyle. Jawad and his family never thought that such a painful phase is ahead of them. Jawad had complaints of a severe headache. He had difficulty walking and felt weak on the left side. His wife noticed the change in his behavior as well. His condition was worsening, so he went to a local hospital in Iraq. After a thorough examination, it was diagnosed that he has some tumor-like growth in his brain. 

It was a piece of devastating news for him and his family. They were clueless as to what should be the next step. Jawad’s condition was worsening, he had complaints of recurring vomiting, drowsiness, and weakness on the left side of his body. The local doctor advised surgery for him. But due to the lack of advanced neurosurgery facilities in his country, his family was losing hope. 

Support by MedX Health Assistance

Jawad’s wife and his son did a lot of research to find a specialized treatment facility for him. Their research led them to the option of medical tourism. They reached out to the MedX health assistance and shared the reports of Jawad. The MedX team assured them and connected them with a renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Sonal Gupta at Fortis Hospital, Delhi, India. After the teleconsultation and going through the medical reports of Jawad, Dr. Sonal advised him to visit India. 

Jawad’s wife said, “we were losing hope and our life took a pause for some time until we got a call from the MedX. They gave us the right hope at the right time. At first, we were skeptical of traveling amidst the pandemic but the MedX team assured us that they will follow the proper guidelines. I pray to God that my husband will get the best possible care.”

The MedX team arranged the medical Visa and other travel requirements. Jawad’s wife accompanied him. The MedX team organized an accommodation, a local sim card, and trained language interpreters for Jawad and his wife. Their travel was managed following the COVID-19 guidelines.

The treatment plan in India

Jawad’s journey to India was hassle-free. He got admitted to the neurosurgery department of Fortis Hospital. His chief complaints at the time of admission were recurrent vomiting associated with left-sided weakness and drowsiness. His COVID-19 antigen/ RT-PCR tests were negative. Post the COVID test, his treatment plan was decided. 

Jawad underwent a thorough history and physical examination followed by advanced imaging tests such as NCCT and CEMRI contrast of the brain. Non-contrast computed tomography (NCCT) of the head is an imaging technique in which X-rays are used to get a 3-D image of the skull and face. The imaging procedures revealed the presence of a large ill-defined space-occupying lesion (SOL) in the left temporal lobe with edema and midline shift.

The temporal lobes of the brain are associated with memory skills. Left temporal space-occupying lesions result in impaired memory for verbal material. If not treated in time, the lesions can be life-threatening. They can break down the blood-brain barrier resulting in edema and hydrocephalus. 

After a pre-anesthetic check-up, Jawad underwent: Left Temporal Craniotomy and Neuronavigation Guided Microscopic Tumor Decompression of Left Temporal SOL.

Neuronavigation is the set of computer-assisted technologies used by neurosurgeons to guide or “navigate” within the confines of the skull or vertebral column during surgery. It is a minimally invasive procedure in which small incisions are made, and with the help of MRI guidance, the lesions or tumor is resected. This technique minimizes the risks of bleeding and infection.


Jawad responded well to the surgery. The post-operative period was uneventful. He was in the ICU for two days for close monitoring. He remained hemodynamically stable and was shifted to the hospital room. Jawad showed a significant improvement in the weakness of the left side. A physiotherapy plan was initiated to help him recover fast. He was able to move and walk slowly. Jawad did not have any headaches. A post-operative NCCT head was done, his condition was satisfactory and he was planned to be discharged from the hospital after a week of the surgery.

Jawad was discharged with proper medication and post-operative instructions. He was conscious and obeyed commands. Post the discharge, he stayed at the accommodation in the vicinity of the hospital, which was arranged by the MedX. He went to the hospital after three days for the stitches removal and follow-up consultation.

Life After the Treatment

There is a drastic improvement in Jawad’s health condition. He is mentally sound and can perform his daily routine. He has regained his energy and performs regular exercise as instructed to him. He said, “I feel much better now. I hope I can spend the rest of my life normally without headache or weakness. I can’t wait to fly back to Iraq and be with my family.”

The recovery after neurosurgery depends on the comorbidities, post-operative care, and the age of the patient. Jawad never had any major symptoms like seizures or trauma. If he takes proper precautions, he will recover and may regain some of the lost functions of the brain. 

Jawad feels energetic and lively and calls this the beginning of the second innings of his life. He has continued the follow-up at the local hospital. The MedX team is in touch with him. Jawad’s wife is happy and shared her experience, “I feel relaxed to see my husband is smiling again. We are thankful to the team of doctors and especially the MedX team for their extraordinary support. Everything was so well managed to keep in mind the pandemic situation as well. It is because of them that my husband is hale and hearty today!” 

Amidst the pandemic, the MedX health assistance followed proper COVID-19 guidelines and promised Jawad the best care for him.

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