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Bomb blast survivor, 23 year old soldier from Iraq gets a new lease of life in India!

At such a young age of 23 when other people have different priorities and hobbies in life, we have heroes like Khalid, a citizen of Iraq who has volunteered as a soldier in the Iraq Army to serve his country and people. Life has never been easy for Khalid and his family, but they have learned to survive amidst various challenges, the major one being terrorist attacks and political unrest in Iraq. It was one of the unfortunate incidents when Khalid injured himself during a bomb blast in one of the fights against the terrorists.

Before Surgery
Before Surgery

Although Khalid survived the bomb blast, he suffered from fatal injuries where his left side of the face was burnt leading to the traumatic loss of left ear and multiple head and neck deformities. Khalid was rushed to the local emergency where he underwent multiple surgeries to keep him stable and for deformity corrections, he also got a gold implant in the left upper eyelid.

Most of his time was spent at the local hospital only but his condition was not improving. As medical facilities are not so advanced in his country, he was advised to be treated at a specialized medical center equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure for high-end plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Support by MedX

After one year of the traumatic experience and multiple surgeries, Khalid was still in a bad shape. He had a complete loss of left facial nerve because of the deformities, meaning he could not feel sensation in that area, his face looked deformed, also his body and scalp were full of scars. He had lost confidence in himself, he said: “After going through so much, I did not feel like going out of the house, the scars kept reminding me of my pain, also having the responsibility of my family on my shoulder, I was losing all the hope to be normal again.”  

But his wait was finally over when he came across MedX health assistance. Khalid was referred to a plastic surgeon in India and was given teleconsultation as well. The doctor advised him to come to India and get his treatment done under the supervision of a specialized health care team. Khalid was not sure that how he would manage to reach India but his worries vanished away when MedX provided him the opportunity to travel to India and get himself treated through advanced plastic surgery!

MedX team helped Khalid with all the facilities from his medical Visa, travel, accommodation, and other assistance like local sim card, trained language interpreters which made his stay in India a comfortable one. Khalid says, “I am so impressed by MedX, they made me comfortable throughout the process from my travel to India, transfer to the hospital, and further requirements”. Khalid was admitted under renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mandeep Singh in Delhi. His accommodation was in the vicinity of the hospital which further made it easier for them to consult the doctor as and when needed. After the discharge, MedX also assisted Khalid for follow-up visits and shared his reports with the doctor.

The treatment plan in India

After his admission to the hospital, Khalid’s course of treatment was planned by the team of specialists under Dr. Mandeep Singh. He was thoroughly evaluated and after his physical examination, he underwent the required diagnostic investigations. His vitals were normal, and his surgery was planned to correct the deformities on his left cheek, forehead and one of the most important procedures was to fix an Osteo Integrated Artificial Ear implant to give him his lost ear back! The procedure performed was ‘Osteointegrated implant insertion in the left mastoid area with local flap deformity’.

Ear Impant
Ear Implant

His treatment was planned in 2 stages; first, the deformity corrections followed by the prosthesis fixation. As per the medical experts, the successful rehabilitation of patients with craniofacial defects due to trauma depends on the motivation of the patient, careful preoperative planning, interdisciplinary cooperation, and adequate surgical techniques. Khalid’s surgery went as per the plan, he responded well to the procedure and there were no postoperative complications.


After the surgery, Khalid had shown remarkable improvement. His artificial ear and facial surgery looked better than before, his face was in better shape as well. Post-operatively, he was on medical management and other supportive measures. He was symptomatically better with no fresh complaints; he was discharged after 5 days of his surgery. He was advised to come back after 3-4 months when the exteriorization of implants clip fabrication and prosthesis fixation was planned to be done. For fixation of an auricular prosthesis, two to three implants are inserted in a semilunar fashion as a basis for a bar-retained prosthesis.

Post Surgery
Post treatment celebration
Post treatment celebration

He was discharged with detailed follow-up advice and after-care instructions as the placement of Osteointegrated implants requires coordinated care from multiple specialists and a lifetime commitment of the patient. MedX arranged for his follow-up visit to India for the remainder of the procedure recommended by the doctors.

Life after the treatment

Khalid could feel the change in his condition and was ready to get back to his normal life. He is very thankful to the MedX team for all the help and support and is looking forward to visiting India for a recreational trip arranged as well. Sharing about his experience and life after the treatment, Khalid says,

“I feel that I have regained my lost confidence and hope. I feel new energy, I can now look in the mirror with no fear and I have started slowly coping up with everyday challenges and looking forward to spending the rest of his life normally. My family is happy to see my progress and I can’t wait to be with them and support them for the rest of my life, all thanks to the MedX health assistance for bringing this ray of hope into my life! I hope someday I will again be able to join the army”

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