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Established in: 1957
Number of beds: 350
Specialty: Multi-Specialty

Moolchand Medcity

Established in: 1957 Number of Beds: 350 Multi-Specialty Moolchand Medcity in South Delhi is a “complete” hospital in all aspects with dedicated centers of excellence for several key specialties and super specialties. Each program embodies the special “Moolchand Care” which has won the trust of generations of patients. Moolchand provides access to over 250 internationally trained and globally acclaimed doctors from 50+ specialties. These highly qualified professionals have an impressive track record of handling complex cases and delivering superior clinical outcomes.
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Moolchand Medcity- Overview

Moolchand Medcity is one of India’s foremost names in healthcare. It has been setting standards for the past 9 decades. The hospital has been providing healthcare services to three generations of Delhites with proper care and dedication. Their vision has always been to create a truly unique healthcare institution, a place that puts the patient’s interests first.

At Moolchand Medcity, they have access to the expertise of more than 250 doctors from 50+ specialties. Moolchand Medcity ‘s care pathways are protocol driven, reflect global best practices, and ensure that their patients consistently receive quality care. For more than a hundred years Moolchand has been helping others and this culture is embodied in everything they do. Although there will be many large hospital chains in India, few will be like Moolchand in serving as institutions of the greater good.

Moolchand is India’s First JCI (Joint Commission International) and Comprehensive NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers) Accredited Hospital. Other accreditations and certifications include NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories), ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001:2000, ISO 27001, and ISO Platinum. They are the only healthcare organization from Asia and the Pacific Rim to receive the International Asia Pacific Quality Award for world-class quality performance (modeled around the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, USA).  They have won the prestigious IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award in the Outstanding Achievements in Healthcare category (an equivalent of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, USA).

Moolchand Medcity- Services

Team And Specialties

  •  Moolchand Medcity performs over 7000+ surgeries on international patients each year.
  • They have the best facility across the world bringing together an outstanding pool of doctors, multidisciplinary investigation, scientists, and clinical researchers to foster collaboration, inspiring new ideas and discovering new technologies, and translating scientific advances more swiftly into new ways of diagnosing and treating patients and preventing diseases.
  • It is recognized as a global innovator in complex laparoscopic surgeries, they are a national referral center for difficult cases.
  • They are credited with performing the first knee replacement surgery in North India.
  • They are recognized for superior outcomes for complex cases and premature babies (neonatal cases).


  • Moolchand Medcity has more than 250 internationally trained and globally acclaimed doctors from 50+ specialties.
  • Moolchand Medcity is equipped with over 350 beds and Presidential/VIP suites.
  • It has a cafeteria and provides accommodation facilities for attendants or patient visitors.
  • It has expertly planned and well-equipped sections, including a spacious OPD area and comfortable patient rooms.
  • Moolchand has an in-house Blood Bank, which is the first in India to receive the NABH accreditation (along with 3 others).
  • They are currently awaiting permission from the Government of India to commence the construction of India’s most advanced “next generation” quaternary care hospital (400+ beds) at Moolchand Medcity, South Delhi.
  • They offer a full continuum of diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical, and rehab services.
  • Moolchand Medcity’s Centre for Renal Care and Dialysis is ranked 5th in Delhi NCR by The Week magazine for excellence in nephrology.

Moolchand Medcity- Doctors

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Moolchand Medcity- Patient Stories

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Moolchand Medcity- Gallery

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Moolchand Medcity- Branches

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