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Established in: 2010
Number of beds: 225
Specialty: Multi-Specialty

Vikram Hospital, Bangalore

Established in: 2010 Number of Beds: 225 Multi-Specialty Vikram Hospital is a 225 bedded multi-specialty hospital in Bangalore. The hospital aims to provide world-class healthcare services in all medical specialties. It houses 70+ specialized doctors and 700+ Healthcare staff. It has a highly-experienced team of doctors who are available to provide 24/7 emergency care services.
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Vikram Hospital, Bangalore- Overview

Vikram Hospital is a 225 bedded multi-specialty hospital in Bangalore. The hospital has state-of-the-art-infrastructure and provides world-class treatment in more than 29 specialties. Its primary medical facilities include Cardiac Sciences, Neuro Sciences, Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery, Nephrology & Urology, and Oncology.

The hospital has well-equipped 9 Medical Intensive Care Units (MICU), 9 Surgical Intensive Care Units (SICU), 9 Intensive Cardiac Care Units, 12 Dialysis beds, 10 modular Operation Theatres, two of the most advanced CathLabs in the country, and an in-house pharmacy.

The hospital provides medical services in all the medical specialties and houses 70 healthcare specialists and 700+ health staff who aims to provide world-class medical treatment to its patients. The hospital has state-of-the-art infrastructural services that ensure patient’s constant comfort and quick recovery.

Vikram Hospital, Bangalore- Services

Team And Specialties

  • The urology department of the hospital is backed by a highly-experienced team of doctors who are specialized to treat all kind of Urological Problems that includes Uro-Oncology surgeries for cancer of kidney, bladder, prostate, and testis, male infertility and sexual related problems, pediatric urology, female urology, reconstructive urology, and renal transplantation.
  • The hospital has a well-equipped center for Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders that aims to provide comprehensive care to its patients and provides treatment facilities, such as Medical assessment, Patient counseling and therapy, Caregiver counseling, Botulinum toxin clinic, and Surgical Therapy.
  • The hospital has an Epilepsy Department backed by Dr. S. Raghavendra & Dr. Rajesh B. Iyer, a Neuro-Epileptologist who works with path-breaking innovations that include the implantation of electrodes into the brain or to investigate seizure abnormality. 
  • The Department of ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery of the hospital has experts with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and surgical technology. Their ENT Surgical Team has performed about 1000 ENT, Facial Plastic, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Head & Neck Cancer Surgeries of Complex nature.
  • The Department of Neuroscience of the hospital has the best neurosurgery, neurology, neuro-oncology, and interventional neuro-radiology specialists, who have performed more than 700 brain and spine surgeries of complex nature.


  • The hospital has 10 modular operation theaters, an advanced critical care unit, and Dialysis units equipped with 12 Dialysis beds.
  • It has a cafeteria and provides accommodation facilities for attendants or patient visitors.
  • It has expertly planned and well-equipped sections, including a spacious OPD area and comfortable patient rooms. 
  • The hospital has an in-house blood bank and provides 24/7 Pharmacy services.
  • The hospital has a fully-equipped emergency department and provides round-the-clock critical care ambulance services.
  • The hospital has 60 ICU beds that include 9 Medical Intensive Care Units (MICU), 9 Surgical Intensive Care Units (SICU), and 9 Intensive Cardiac Care Units.
  • The hospital has two state-of-the-art CathLabs with IVUS and Rota facilities.

Vikram Hospital, Bangalore- Doctors

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Vikram Hospital, Bangalore- Gallery

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Vikram Hospital, Bangalore- Branches

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