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Impact of COVID on Medical Tourism in India

The world encountered one of its biggest crisis with the emergence of coronavirus. The deadly virus has taken the whole world in its grip quite swiftly. There have been profound slowing down in all the economic sectors worldwide due to this and it has compelled the world to lower its speed of development.

The tourism sector overall and specifically the medical tourism sector has also been hit badly by this pandemic. Though some experts do believe that medical tourism will bounce back quickly post the lockdown as flights and other means of transport will resume operations.

What is medical tourism?

When people across the globe travel to different countries for availing treatment – medical and/or surgical and at the same time they also visit the tourist attractions of that place, then this is referred to as medical tourism. The key reasons behind people opting to travel overseas for medical help are lack of better medical facilities in their own country and cost-effective advanced medical treatment available in the visiting countries. In the nutshell, when advanced medical care collaborates with the tourism industry to offer a unique blend of treatment and vacation, then it is termed as medical tourism.

Medical tourism – India

The age-old concept of medical tourism has achieved popularity in recent times. India as a country that has had a rich and ancient legacy in medical tourism – connecting its roots from the ancient achievement of Yoga and Ayurveda in India. India treats numerous tourists from neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and China to distant nations like the United Kingdom, America, Canada, etc.

Medical care provided by India include:

  • Dental treatment
  • Cardio-vascular surgery
  • Transplants
  • Eye treatment
  • Knee and hip surgeries
  • Cosmetic surgeries

Here are a few of the many reasons why India is considered a preferred medical tourism destination by patients across the world:

  • Globally recognized healthcare service providers
  • Economical treatment price
  • Good flight connectivity
  • Availability of best medical professionals
  • Internationally recognized pharmacy sector 
  • Availability of interpreters for easier and comfortable communication
  • No waiting time unlike other medical destinations


The COVID Impact

Like every other industry in the world, this sector has been equally hit by the pandemic and things are expected to take a tortoise walk on the revival path. However, the tourism ministry of the nation assured that India will remain the cheapest, safest, and most reliable medical tourism destination even after the pandemic.

The sector was expected to grow its value up to 9 billion dollars in 2020 if the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t there to disrupt the equilibrium. Though the revival of the sector in India will be quick, it will also depend on the availability of medicines and vaccines for fighting coronavirus.

It is believed that Indian Medical Tourism Industry will leave the developed countries behind to get back on track of revival. Medical Tourists will probably be much more aware of where to go and how medically safe the country seems to be in terms of recovery rate for virus.

Hence, we all hope for recovery and fast revival of the medical tourism sector and wait for the situation to get back to normal.

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