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Iraqi man finds a new outlook on life after bladder cancer treatment

Hayder Ghaeb’s story

Life was going well for 28-year-old Hayder Ghaeb, a citizen of Iraq. He always led a healthy life and never faced any major health issues. But little did he know that his life is going to be taking an unpredictable turn. In July 2017, having had no pain or other health concerns, he noticed blood in his urine which became heavier quickly. He rushed to his local physician who prescribed medicine for a urinary tract infection. But his condition worsened in the next few days and his doctor advised him to refer to a Urologist.

mri kub of Hayder
MRI KUB of Hayder

After meeting the Urologist, he underwent a diagnostic urethra cystoscopy. The cystoscopy revealed a bulbar urethral left-sided bulging mass about 1.5 cm occluding urethra, fragile and friable with spontaneous bleeding. He was treated at the local hospital where he underwent a procedure for removal of the mass via Transurethral Resection and hemostasis. Post the procedure his condition worsened as he developed an infection at the surgery site.

His infection was managed in Iraq and there were further diagnostic investigations done on him and it was diagnosed that Hayder was suffering from Transitional Cell Carcinoma or Urothelial Carcinoma, the most common type of bladder cancer. These cancers start in the urothelial cells that line the inside of the bladder.

Cancer tissue
Cancer tissue

Hayder was in a lot of pain, he was unable to walk. Due to the unavailability of a high-end cancer treatment facility in his country, he was being managed on medications only. His cancer was bound to spread to other parts of his body that’s why doctors advised him to get himself treated at a super-specialty oncology facility as early as possible. Hayder and his family had no clue what to do, where to go and they were helpless.

Support by MedX

Hayder consulted at many local hospitals in Iraq but there was no solution to be found for his ailment. After many days of struggle, he came across the MedX health assistant. He contacted MedX and was immediately referred to a specialist oncologist in India at Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon. He did teleconsultations and his reports were shared with the surgeons in India. His case was very complex and seeing the worsening condition he was advised to travel to India for further treatment. Doctors had an idea that his cancer might have spread to the other regions of his urinary system. He was explained everything in detail by the doctors and MedX team and also told that Hayder might need to stay in India for a few months to complete the course of treatment.

Hayder found a little hope after knowing that there is a chance for him to get back to his normal life. He immediately confirmed to the MedX team to help him with his medical requirements. Within no time, the MedX team helped Hayder with his medical Visa, accommodation facility, and other important requirements in India. Hayder was accompanied by his brother who was very much worried about him. Hayder’s brother said, “We never thought Hayder would go through so much pain, he has his whole life ahead of him. I have a lot of expectations and I hope he will get the proper care and treatment he needs. We thank the MedX team for making our travel and accommodation so hassle-free. They have arranged for everything and we have no worries about basic requirements. I just pray my brother gets to live the healthy life he deserves.”

The treatment plan in India

Upon his arrival to India, Hayder was admitted under the expert team of Dr. Sanjay Gogoi at Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon. Doctors wanted to study the complete condition of his cancer and that is why Hayder underwent a list of diagnostic procedures. Computed tomography of kidneys, ureters, and bladder (CECT KUB) with CT Urogram was performed. The purpose of the scan is to obtain images from different angles of the urinary system and surrounding structures, which encompasses the area from the superior poles of the kidneys down to the pubic symphysis.

Investigations revealed that there was an enlargement of the liver with mild diffuse fatty changes, irregular wall thickening in the prostatic urethra, and pelvic abscess. Based on the diagnostic impressions, Hayder underwent Radical Cystectomy, ileal conduit, and urethrectomy. It means Hayder’s urinary bladder and urethra were surgically removed to take out cancer. And the surgeon made a new way for urine to be stored and passed from the body. Hayder was planned to undergo chemotherapy post the bladder removal surgery.


Hayder was observed post-operatively and an FDG PET CT scan was done. It was noted that his tumor had invaded the adjacent organs and gave an impression of high-grade urothelial carcinoma (cancer of bladder walls). There were small lesions present in his penile urethra and the root of the penis. Hayder took concurrent chemotherapy for one month. His accommodation was arranged in the vicinity of the hospital and there were regular visits by the doctors.

Hayder Post Surgery
Hayder Post Surgery

After one month of chemotherapy, Hayder’s condition showed improvement and another PET CT scan revealed that the previously noted lesions in his penile region and inguinal lymph nodes had shown a reduction in the size and avidity. On physical examination, a mass was noted in his scrotal sac and for which his chemotherapy was extended for one more month.

The other regions of the body had no sign of cancerous cells. Hayder was feeling better but there was still a long way to go for him to be completely free of cancer. He was on a liquid and soft diet and was doing regular exercise to avoid any bed sores.

Hayder post surgery
Hayder post surgery

After cycles of chemotherapy, he still had few lesions and for which he was advised for consolidated radiation therapy. Hayder said, “I feel a little weak because of the chemotherapy but my pain has gone, I have no other option but to cooperate and keep up my hope that this will end soon. I am thankful that I came across MedX otherwise I wouldn’t have survived in Iraq till now. There is no facility of such high-end cancer treatment there.”

Life after the treatment

Hayder had shown remarkable improvement in his condition, he could walk and perform his daily activities without pain. He was discharged with advice and a plan for radiation beam therapy. It is unlikely that he may need another surgery but if it is required MedX will arrange the same for him.

Hayder’s brother said, “I have regained my lost hope and I can see my brother smiling today, all thanks to the expert team of doctors and the MedX team. They have also arranged for his radiation therapy and I am waiting to go back to Iraq with my brother in good health.”

Today, Hayder is cancer-free after two years of struggle and prolonged illness.



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