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Successful Brain Tumor Surgery gave a Nigerian man the second inning in life

Jasper, a 59-year-old man from Nigeria always lived a healthy lifestyle. Being a father of three, he took good care of his health and diet as he had a family to run. Unfortunately, his health took a toll on him when he suffered from a seizure attack in 2018. Like any other day, he was at work and he felt a little discomfort. Soon after he became unconscious and fainted. 

His family was informed and they took Jasper to the local hospital. The doctors in the local hospital stabilized him and informed him that he had an episode of a seizure attack. seizure is a sudden, uncontrolled electrical disturbance in the brain. It was a moment of shock for his whole family. They were worried and puzzled about how suddenly Jasper became so unwell. Even Jasper was concerned about himself and did not want his family to suffer because of him.

He took some medicines and also, he had a blood pressure issue too. After a rest of three days, Jasper started his normal routine. But he would have a headache and a feeling of light-headedness. He could not focus on his work and had a severe loss of appetite. He used to become forgetful and had episodes of nausea and drowsiness. It has been two years since Jasper was on constant medications and had seizure attacks on and off along with the other symptoms. He had hallucinations and slowly was becoming dependent on others to carry out his daily routine. His last seizure attack was in September 2020.

Jasper’s condition was worsening each day, so his wife took him to consult a local neurologist in Nigeria. The doctor said his symptoms are worrisome and prescribed him a few tests. After a few tests and examinations, the local doctors advised him to consult a specialist Neurosurgeon. Due to the unavailability of the specialized Neuro care facility in Nigeria, Jasper’s wife was helpless and was losing hope. 

Support by The MedX Health Assistance

After two years of struggle, Jasper became weak and lost the confidence to live. His wife kept her efforts to continue to find the right treatment for her husband. They came across the MedX health assistance through one of the local doctors. Jasper’s wife said “We got to know about the medical tourism facilities and that my husband has a chance to get a new lease on life. I took the decision promptly and we reached out to the MedX team. We were clearly explained about the process and Jasper’s reports were shared with the doctors in India.” The MedX team helped Jasper to consult the Neurosurgeon at Artemis hospital, Gurgaon, India. After seeing his reports and health condition, it was advised that Jasper should visit India to get treated. 

The MedX team well-coordinated Jasper and his wife’s travel to India, his medical Visa, accommodation, and other requirements in India. 

The Treatment Plan in India

Jasper and his wife arrived in India and their stay was made smooth by the MedX team. Amidst the pandemic, they were given extra care and precautions as per the guidelines. Jasper was admitted to the Artemis Hospital under the expert team of Neurosurgeon Dr. Aditya. Jasper underwent a complete evaluation and thorough investigations like CT, PET scan, and MRI brain by the expert team of doctors.

After his MRI, it was diagnosed that Jasper had a right temporal mass and low-grade glioma. It means he had a brain tumor on the right side of his brain. Doctors explained to Jasper and his wife about his condition and that he urgently needs to undergo surgery to remove the brain tumor. They agreed and gave the consent. Jasper underwent navigation guided right pterional craniotomy with the excision of the right frontotemporal mass. A craniotomy involves making an incision in the scalp and removing a window of bone from the skull (this bone is secured back in position at the end of the surgery). This allows access to the inside of the skull and brain, and the tumor is removed. The navigation guided surgeries are a minimally invasive approach in which the whole skull is not opened but a “keyhole” size of the incision is done and the tumor is removed.


Jasper tolerated the surgery well. The post-operative period was uneventful. He was kept in the ICU for constant observation and monitoring. Jasper was checked regularly for any type of surgical after-effects. But Jasper responded well. He was conscious, could understand and communicate as well. Jasper’s wife said, “I feel good to see my husband showing improvement. When we came to India, he was in bad shape but the type of care he has received here is amazing. I am glad that I took this decision because we would have never understood the root cause of his poor health condition. All thanks to the MedX team and the medical staff. Now I hope that Jasper recovers soon.

Soon after the surgery, an active limb and chest physiotherapy was initiated for Jasper. The exercise plan was customized for him to help him cope up and recover fast. He was closely monitored and his post-operative investigations showed good results. His surgical wounds were healthy, he was able to eat orally and there was no fresh neurological deficit.  He was asymptomatic and stable. After three days of the surgery, it was decided that Jasper can be discharged. Although, he had to stay for one more week in the nearby accommodation arranged by the MedX for follow-up consultations. 

Life After the Treatment

Jasper was discharged with all the necessary instructions and precautions he has to take. He was given special instructions for wound care, pain management, and Blood pressure monitoring. He was also given an exercise for physiotherapy at home. He is advised to take proper rest and maintain a balanced healthy diet. It has been recommended for him to avoid stress and any strenuous activities and continue the medication.

Jasper is all smiling; he consulted the Neurosurgeon post the surgery. His wound dressing was done. He was asked to meet the local neurologist in case of any emergency. Through his little communication, Jasper said, “I am happy and thankful to everyone involved in giving me the best care possible. I want to go back to my country with my family. I feel like I am going to start the second innings of my life now!”


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