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The recurring Brain Tumor of a Kurdish man removed by advanced navigation endoscopy

Story of Sarbaz Akram

Everything was going well in the life of 33-year-old Sarbaz, a citizen of Kurdistan. He is an affectionate father and the only bread earner for his family. At the age of thirty, his life became topsy turvy. He became sick and had continuous complaints of headaches. He also had difficulty in vision and he used to get tired and felt irritated all the time. Once a loving father who loved to play with his son suddenly lost all interest. He was unable to concentrate on his work and also slowly was losing his eyesight as well. 

Sarbaz was in a bad shape with a continuous headache so he consulted the local physicians in his country. The local doctors in Iraq checked his condition and he underwent few tests. It was diagnosed that Sarbaz has a recurrent pituitary adenoma or brain tumor. Because his tumor was growing rapidly, it was affecting his vision too. In a few days, Sarbaz was unable to see through his right eye. He underwent surgery in Iraq to remove the tumor. But, after a year of the surgery, he was still not well and continued to have complaints of headaches and tiredness. He consulted a local neurosurgeon and he again underwent a surgery called Craniotomy. A craniotomy is a complex surgery where the skull is opened to remove a tumor.

Since Sarbaz had a recurrent brain tumor and even after undergoing two big surgeries he was not well. His condition worsened. He lost his right eyesight completely and was also losing the left eye vision. He was having personality issues and he was going into depression. His family was worried that they might lose Sarbaz to this disease. Sarbaz needed specialized treatment and a permanent solution to remove or control his tumor from its root!

Support by MedX

After two years of struggle, Sarbaz’s family were losing hope, until one day they came to know that there might be a possibility for Sarbaz to lead his rest of the life normally. They contacted MedX health assistance with the help of a family friend and shared all the problems Sarbaz was suffering from. They told that the health care facility is not so advanced in their place that is why they don’t know where to go. The MedX team connected Sarbaz to an expert Neurosurgeon Dr. Anurag Saxena at Narayana Hospital, Bangalore, India. Sarbaz’s treatment was planned to be done in India. His wife accompanied him and the MedX team helped them with all the medical and travel requirements along with accommodation in India. His wife said, “we were clueless about what to do as even after two complex surgeries my husband was not well. We are very much concerned about his health and deteriorating mental condition. We want to see him like before all healthy and smiling, I am thankful to the MedX team for arranging everything in such a short time. I pray to god that my husband will become fine soon.”

The Treatment Plan in India

After he arrived in India, Sarbaz was admitted under Dr. Anurag Saxena and his expert team. He was thoroughly evaluated and underwent a series of investigations. He had radiological tests like CEMRI head and a non-contrast computed tomography (NCCT) scan of the paranasal sinuses (PNS) was also done with a clinical suspicion of chronic sinusitis. The investigations revealed the presence of recurrent/residual sellar mass lesion (pituitary adenoma) with mild cerebral and cerebellar atrophic changes. NCCT PNS showed left maxillary sinusitis, deviated nasal septum towards the left side.

Ophthalmological examinations suggested right optic atrophy with left temporal field cut, because of which he had lost his right eyesight and his left vision was poor too.

Sarbaz was scheduled for a highly advanced minimally invasive technique called endoscopic transnasal transsphenoidal excision with the repair of the sellar floor”. This procedure is a cutting-end technology in which the tumors are removed through the nose without cutting the skull of the patient. The benefit of such a procedure especially in the case of Sarbaz who already had his skull opened for surgeries in the past is good. 

Endoscopic surgery is performed through the nose to remove tumors from the pituitary gland and skull base. In the transnasal transsphenoidal endoscopic surgery, the surgeon works through the nostrils with a tiny endoscope camera and light to remove tumors with long instruments. Pituitary tumors can cause hormone problems and vision loss. Tumor removal often reverses vision problems and restores normal hormone balance.


Post-operative was uneventful and Sarbaz showed improvement. Histopathological report post the surgery revealed the sellar mass was excised along with pituitary adenoma or tumor. Endocrinological reference was obtained and it was found that the condition is slightly better which was to be managed with medicines. Sarbaz was on medications like antibiotics, PPI (protein pump inhibitors)
and other supportive treatment. PPIs help in a profound and prolonged reduction of stomach acid production. Sarbaz responded well to the treatment and his biopsy reports showed no signs of growing brain tumor. No neurological deficit was found and his left eye vision showed improvement. There were no signs of a watery nose or CSF rhinorrhea. 

Sarbaz was able to sit and walk on his own and had no headache. He could express his feelings in a normal way without any speech difficulty. He was planned to be discharged after 8 days of hospital stay.

Life After The Treatment

Sarbaz was in better shape, he was smiling. His wife said, “I am happy to see my husband’s improved health. He was given the proper care and treatment he urgently needed. The support provided by the medical staff and MedX has far exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to get back to my home with my husband and see him again playing with our son. We are thankful to all.” Sarbaz was discharged with all the post-operative instructions and medication usage protocol. He was given an exercise and diet plan as well.

MedX team has also arranged for a recreational trip for Sarbaz and his family in India after a few months when he is supposed to be back for his follow-up consultation.

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