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Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

It is very essential that the early warning signs of a heart attack must be recognized so that treatment is attempted quickly. A heart attack is generally slow and the person experiencing it, might not even is sure of this condition. The symptoms of a heart attack vary amongst individuals. Signs that the person endured in the first attack might be distinct from what he is experiencing in the second time. Though the most common symptoms are pressure or pain in the chest, there can be a number of other signs too.

Following are the signs of a heart attack:

1. Headache, jaw pain, and toothache

During a heart attack, pain can go down to the head, back, or to both the arms. Some people can also experience headache and toothache. There is a possibility of these kinds of pains also in a heart attack.

2. Nausea

The feeling of nausea or sickness in the stomach is a less common but a thinkable sign of a heart attack. In some cases, one can experience burping or hiccups with nausea while others may have the feeling of indigestion, related to a heart attack. These symptoms occur mainly in women. In some cases, patients have also complained of experiencing the flu.

3. Vomiting

In cases where a heart attack is accompanied by nausea, there can be severe vomiting also.

4. Uneasiness in the upper-middle abdomen

In some cases, pain during heart attacks has been described as pain in the center of the general epigastric or pain in the stomach. This pain is like a feeling of heaviness or uneasiness or sharp pain that can stay for a few minutes. This pain can be experienced without pain in the chest.

5. Indigestion and Heartburn

In the same manner as burping and hiccups, some people also experience indigestion and heartburn. The sense of pressure and pain can also happen in the abdominal area or burning sensation in the heart at the time of a heart attack.

6. Pain in the upper back

During a heart attack, pain can also expand in the upper back. Most of the time, pain in the back that starts due to a heart attack can say to be happening between the shoulder blades.

7. General sickness

A heart attack sometimes is followed by a feeling of common sickness when a person feels unwell. The person can experience tiredness and dizziness where he can or cannot faint. A vague feeling of illness persists. One can even experience a panic attack like everything is going down the drain.

8. Zero symptoms

Around one-quarter of all the heart attacks show no symptoms and this is called a silent heart attack. There is no pain in the chest. This kind is quite common in people suffering from diabetes mellitus.

We have now stated that the symptoms and signs of a heart attack are quite mild and even imprecise, but it is very crucial that we understand that an attack with no or mild symptoms is as dangerous as an attack with severe pain in the chest. Many times, medical attention is delayed as a heart attack is thought to be tiredness, tension, indigestion, and anxiety. Timely diagnosis and proper treatment can save a lot of lives. Any kind of delay can be seriously damaging or


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